Checkly changelog
Checkly changelog

New Checkly Agent V1.1.0




We just released a new version of Checkly Agent to run on your Private Locations. This version includes all the latest bug fixes and feature updates from the last quarter. Among others:

  • TLS Client Certificates.
  • Early @playwright/test support*.
  • Regular upstream patches and fixes.

*Note that this early @playwright/test support is without traces and videos and running @playwright/test version 1.20.2. We are working hard to bring you the latest version (plus a lot of other goodies) to our public infra and Private Locations.

TLS Client Certificates for API checks




You can now uses TLS Client Certificates with API checks for mTLS (mutual TLS) enabled Zero Trust Networks. Just add your domain, PEM formatted certificate & key pair and Checkly will add it to any API checks that match that domain.


Read more on why you would use this in our blog post or dive straight into docs for tall the details.

This feature is now enabled for all Enterprise customers. If you are using private locations, make sure to upgrade to our latest Checkly Agent v1.1.0 to use this in your K8S, VPC or on-prem networks.

GitHub Sync goes GA




This is the last day of our launch week! Today GitHub Sync goes into General Availability (GA). GitHub Sync allows you to sync your Playwright based Browser Check code directly from any public or private GitHub repo. This enables:

  • Syncing on commit or on a deployment webhook
  • Including local file dependencies in your checks.

Even cooler, we extended our editor to show you exactly what files you synced and what runtime they are running against.


Want to learn how and why we built this? Join our livestream (or watch the recording) over on our Youtube channel.

Read our blog post to learn more about this milestone and what our future plans are. Or, visit our reference docs for all the nitty gritty details.

Announcing support for @playwright/test




Next up in our launch week is support for @playwright/test, available now in public beta to all users. Just switch to runtime 2022.02 and use Playwright's native test runner like this 👇

const { test, expect } = require('@playwright/test');

test('homepage has Checkly in title', async ({ page }) => {
  await page.goto('');
  await expect(page).toHaveTitle(/Checkly/);

This gives you:

  • Automatic tracing, to ease debugging stubborn checks.
  • automatic video recording of the full check runs.
  • Web first assertions like await expect(item).toBeVisible()

…and much more.

Read more in our blog post about how @playwright/test can help you write better synthetic monitoring checks.

Looking forward to your feedback!

Checkly Completes SOC 2 Type 1 Audit




Checkly is now SOC 2 Type 1 compliant after completing a successful audit by an accredited auditing firm.


This demonstrates that Checkly’s information security policies, procedures, and practices meet the SOC 2 guidelines for security and data privacy.

Read more about this milestone in this blogpost.

The Checkly SOC 2 Type 1 report is now available upon request by emailing

Join our Slack Community




Launching today: the Checkly Slack Community! Do you have questions about Checkly, Playwright, API monitoring, Alerting or anything else? We’re there to help!


Alerting improvements!




You might have noticed it is Checkly Launch Week! Today I want to announce:

  1. We made the core alert response and triage flow fully responsive in our web app. Next to that all screens are 100% usable in zoomed mode. Expect more responsive, mobile first updates in the future.


  1. You can now track and verify all deliveries of alert notifications to debug and triage any issues you might have with receiving alerts via SMS, Slack, Opsgenie etc.


  1. If Checkly fails to deliver an alert notification, we will send you an email on your Admin or Owner account to alert you of this!


Learn more about these updates in this blog post

Send alerts to Telegram




You can now get alerts in any Telegram chat with our new Telegram alert channel integration.


Add it in your alert settings and check out our docs.

More Load times and payload sizes for Browser Checks




We added the Loaded and DOMContentLoaded times to the Loading graph so you can better check loading times in relation to the Web Vitals TTFB, FCP and LCP we were already showing.


We also started recording payload sizes (resource size and transfer size) in the network tab for each page in your Browser Check script.

GitHub Sync updates




We rolled out a set of great updates to our GitHub Sync feature which is now in open beta. Here it goes!

Inspect all your synced files frame1.png After syncing your Browser Check, we will show all your synced files in the file browser on the left side of the editor.

Runtime information at your fingertips


To learn more about available runtime dependencies, we now show you all available NPM packages and the Node version, too!

Automatically add new Browser check code to your GitHub repository


To get you started with GitHub-based Playwright or Puppeteer Browser Checks, we now automatically create a PR for you with your current check code. Just hit that Sync from GitHub button in the editor and of you go.

Learn more about GitHub Sync in our documentation or check out this video on how to get started.