Checkly changelog
Checkly changelog

Runtime 2023.02 available in beta




The beta version of our latest runtime, 2023.02 is now available!


  • Playwright 1.32.1 - This includes support for chaining locators.
  • Faker 7.6.0


  • date-fns 2.29.3 - a simple and consistent toolkit for working with JS dates.
  • ws 8.13.0 - a fast and well-tested websocket client/server library.

We have also removed support for Mocha. While older runtimes still have Mocha support we strongly recommend anyone still using it start looking at migrating to Playwright!

To try out the new runtime, simply enable it in the labs menu and start using it in your checks.

Screenshot 2023-03-29 at 17.50.37.png

If you have any questions or feedback please do not hesitate to contact us!

Updated Terraform provider with improved alerting




An updated version of the Checkly Terraform provider (v. 1.6.5) is now available. The new version supports a number of additional alerting channels:

  • FireHydrant
  • Telegram
  • MS Teams
  • Splunk
  • Spike
  • Discord

For more information, please refer to the documentation on the TF provider and alerting channels.

We did a "Bug Week", here's what's fixed.




All engineering teams worked on fixing bugs 2 weeks ago in a regular exercise we call…Bug Week!


Here is the list of bugs β€” of all sizes and sorts β€” we fixed:


  • Fix a bug where an expired SSL certificate kept showing stale info when the domain is removed.
  • Reduce refresh rate on Check Overview page to 1 minute to not overwhelm the page on higher frequency checks.
  • Fix a bug where cloning a Check Group did not copy dependencies for GH sync and CLI enabled Checks.

Home Dashboard

  • Fix a bug where the last 24 results were not shown for low frequency checks.

Account Settings

  • Auto save account settings changes, fixing a bug where saving could overwrite previous settings.
  • Don't allow sending invites to team mates multiple times.
  • Users with no account could not easily create a new account.
  • In the account settings, copy & paste of commands and tokens was not uniform or wrongly aligned.
  • Take into account timezones on charts in billing sections.

Private Locations & Checkly Agent

  • Fix a bug where a ChecklyConnectionError could crash the agent.

Public API

  • Updating alert settings could create an invalid alerting configuration.


  • Reduce gray tones fora more consistent UI and typography.


  • Show a toast to update the webapp when a fresh version is available.
  • Top banners like maintenance windows and CTAs created unneeded scrollbars.

Checkly CLI v0.4.8




Checkly CLI v0.4.8 just landed with some core improvements.

  • Added a checkly destroy command to wipe all Checks and resources related to your project. This is useful when quickly prototyping or demoing your Checkly monitoring as code setup.
  • Added the --config / -c flag to test and deploy commands so you can target multiple checkly.config.ts files inside your repo. This enables you to manages multiple distinct projects within one repo.

Reference docs for the new commands and flags are here. Make sure to upgrade with npm install @checkly/cli@latest

New Checkly agent 1.2.2




We just released a new version of Checkly Agent to run on your Private Locations. This version includes all the latest bug fixes and feature updates from the last quarter. Among others:

  • Support for @playwright/test artifacts such as traces and videos.
  • Support for @playwright/test version 1.28.0.
  • Regular upstream patches and fixes.

See our docs for details on how to update your agent, or if you have questions on private locations in general.

Set default subscribe behaviour for Alert Channels




You can now determine if newly created Checks are by default subscribed to an Alert Channel, or not.

CleanShot 2023-03-06 at 13.15.43.png

This comes in handyin two specific scenarios that lead to "Checkly bombs" for some customers:

  1. A user creates a Check via our UI and forgets to unsubscribe an Alert Channel in the relevant section in the UI.
  2. A Check is created automatically using our Vercel Integration and is automatically subscribed to all Alert Channels.

This is live now on all plans.

New Public Dashboards & Analytics API




Day three of Checkly Launch Week! Today we highlight two recent features that are now GA

  • New Public Dashboards
  • New Analytics API

…and we're streaming the launch on YouTube!

New Public Dashboards

The new Public Dashboards come with a ton of upgrades over the previous, legacy Dashboards.

  • Incident Management to communicate status to your audience.
  • Custom CSS to match your style,
  • More metrics like p99 for response times.
  • Optimized for mobile & speedy loading.

Read all about our new Dashboards in our docs

If you are using our legacy dashboards, here is how to migrate

Analytics API

Our new Analytics API gives you access to all Check Results data, across any aggregation.

Need the p99 of the First Contentful Paint in the second step of your Playwright script over the last 30 days?

No problem.

  • Raw data or aggregations like average, p50 / p95 / p99.
  • Availability percentage over variable time ranges
  • Works for all Check types in one uniform way.

Check out this guide in our docs or directly hop to the API docs.

Checkly CLI v0.4.5




Checkly CLI v0.4.5 just landed. This minor version includes an important fix for Windows users where the path for file dependencies was not resolved correctly.

Make sure to upgrade with npm install @checkly/cli

Playwright Test General Availability




The Checkly Launch Week continues, and we are very happy to announce that support for @playwright/test has moved from open beta into general availability. Unsure of what Playwright tests enables you to do? Have a look at our blog post on the topic.

We have also improved our UI to provide better support for Playwright Test. This includes both writing and updating checks, as well as analysing check results.


πŸ‘‰ Check status indicator, broken down to individual test cases

πŸ‘‰ Better organised test artifacts: Logs, screenshots, videos etc. are available in each test case

πŸ‘‰ Automatic retries

πŸ‘‰ General TypeScript availability

πŸ‘‰ Templates and documentation now use Playwright Test as default

These improvements are available for all our users, on all pricing plans.

Questions on how to get started, or how to best leverage Playwright Test? Join our live session on Youtube today, and check out our docs.

We also have a Slack Community where you can collaborate with hundreds of other Checkly users.

Checkly CLI Beta




It's Checkly Launch Week #2! The Checkly CLI is now in Beta and enables you to code, test, and deploy your Checkly synthetic monitoring setup using a TS/JS native workflow. We call it monitoring as code.

πŸ‘‰ Get started by running npm create @checkly/cli to kick start an example project with all the boilerplate.

πŸ‘‰ Check out the CLI docs for all the details on how to code, test and deploy your Checks right from your code base using just our CLI and TS/JS classes.

πŸ‘‰ Check out the live session on our Youtube channel where we give a detailed rundown on all the ins and outs.

πŸ‘‰ Read our blog post on why and how we built the Checkly CLI.

Questions about the CLI or monitoring as code?