Checkly changelog
Checkly changelog

Checkly CLI (preview)




I'm excited to give you a sneak peek of our in-development CLI.

The Checkly CLI gives you a JavaScript/TypeScript-native workflow for creating, debugging, deploying and life cycling synthetic monitors (checks) at scale, from your code base.

We call it Monitoring-as-Code (MaC).


You can get started now:

👉 Head over to the checkly-cli repo on GitHub and follow the getting started. You will be up & running in ~1 minute.

👉 Check out this demo repo of a Next.js app instrumented and monitored using Playwright checks and API checks + a GitHub Actions workflow template to trigger on each deploy.

If you have questions and or feedback, just file a GitHub Issue or join our Slack community and ask away.

The CLI is now in alpha. We are planning beta and then GA before end of Q1.

Custom CSS for Dashboards




You can now style your dashboards with custom CSS! Tweak the header, background, status and a ton of other elements. Use this to match your dashboard with your company's style guide. We've put together a comprehensive list of examples in our docs.


You can find this feature on the edit page of every dashboard.

This is a paid feature only available on the new Dashboards V2, read how to migrate right here.

New Playwright Test Report




Our @playwright/test support is moving to General Availability soon, but you can already start using the new Playwright Test Report!

This brings detailed info on failed commands, errors, durations, videos and traces straight to the Checkly UI.


Just go to the Labs section in your account and flip the switch. Debugging your Playwright checks should become 10x quicker!

Last month's bug fixes & enhancements




We shipped some smaller tweaks over the last month to improve general quality of life and fix annoying bugs.

  • feat: We now show the UTC offset for check results in the UI.
  • feat: We added a split() helper to our Handlebars library so you can split tags like team:frontend in our webhook editor.
  • fix: passing an ENVIRONMENT_URL to a command line trigger would not override the global ENVIRONMENT_URL.
  • fix: API check run modal was not scrollable on longer responses.
  • fix: You couldn't create Maintenance Window in January for timezones between Alaska and Greenland. Yes. That one was a head scratcher.

New Runtime 2022.10




You can now migrate your checks to our new runtime 2022.10. Highlights are:

  • @playwright/test 1.28.0, which introduces the new locator API like page.getByText() popularized by Testing Library 🎉

  • Typescript support for Playwright-based Browser checks and API Check snippets. One caveat: using this with GitHub sync is not yet supported.

  • New runtime is now on Node.js 16.x

⚠️ Note that this Runtime release removes support for Puppeteer. We urge you to migrate any Puppeteer based checks to Playwright. We wrote a blog post on how to migrate, and even wrote a small CLI tool to assist you with this.

If you are using the Private Locations, please upgrade your agent to v1.2.0 to make use of the new runtime.

Public Dashboards & Incident Management




You can now start using our brand new Public Dashboard with integrated Incident Management. Here's an example from our customer 👇


Just flip the switch in our new Labs section and of you go. Here are the highlights:

  • Fresh, responsive design with longer data ranges.

  • Report minor / major incidents and planned maintenance with a full incident history.

  • Built with Nuxt, hosted on Vercel's global CDN for speedy loading around the globe.

For further reading check out this blog post on the how and why we built this and visit our docs for reference info.

Get to failing checks quickly with Firewatch




You can now use Firewatch to get a quick overview of recent failing checks, regardless of how they are sorted on your dashboard or if they are nested in groups.

CleanShot 2022-11-29 at 20.38.35@2x.png

Firewatch enables you to:

  • Directly re-run one of the failing checks.
  • Directly re-run all of the failing checks.

We also allow you to configure a time-based threshold to only show checks in Firewatch that have been failing for, let's say, 3 days. This is handy as you might have some intentionally failing checks.

New Checkly Agent V1.1.0




We just released a new version of Checkly Agent to run on your Private Locations. This version includes all the latest bug fixes and feature updates from the last quarter. Among others:

  • TLS Client Certificates.
  • Early @playwright/test support*.
  • Regular upstream patches and fixes.

*Note that this early @playwright/test support is without traces and videos and running @playwright/test version 1.20.2. We are working hard to bring you the latest version (plus a lot of other goodies) to our public infra and Private Locations.

TLS Client Certificates for API checks




You can now uses TLS Client Certificates with API checks for mTLS (mutual TLS) enabled Zero Trust Networks. Just add your domain, PEM formatted certificate & key pair and Checkly will add it to any API checks that match that domain.


Read more on why you would use this in our blog post or dive straight into docs for tall the details.

This feature is now enabled for all Enterprise customers. If you are using private locations, make sure to upgrade to our latest Checkly Agent v1.1.0 to use this in your K8S, VPC or on-prem networks.

GitHub Sync goes GA




This is the last day of our launch week! Today GitHub Sync goes into General Availability (GA). GitHub Sync allows you to sync your Playwright based Browser Check code directly from any public or private GitHub repo. This enables:

  • Syncing on commit or on a deployment webhook
  • Including local file dependencies in your checks.

Even cooler, we extended our editor to show you exactly what files you synced and what runtime they are running against.


Want to learn how and why we built this? Join our livestream (or watch the recording) over on our Youtube channel.

Read our blog post to learn more about this milestone and what our future plans are. Or, visit our reference docs for all the nitty gritty details.