Checkly changelog
Checkly changelog

Checkly API now generally available




We moved our public API to General Available. What does this mean?

  • Updated documentation and API playground.
  • New, non-polymorphic endpoints for creating checks
  • Two deprecated endpoints (see below)
  • A million — well, *checks bug tracker* 38 actually — fixes to docs, schema's, default values, and response bodies.
  • Rate limiting on endpoints to prevent abuse.


Hundreds of devs are already using our API daily through our Terraform provider, Pulumi provider (in preview) or directly from their codebase.

P.S. the auto-generated OpenAPI / Swagger docs are still available at

Deprecated endpoints

We deprecated two endpoints on our public API as part of making the public API Generally Available.

  • GET /check-results-rolled-up. This endpoint was a stop-gap for longer-range data. You can now use the regular /check-results endpoint

  • POST /checks. This endpoint was polymorphic. We now have dedicated endpoints for API and Browser check creation on /checks/api and /checks/browser

We will remove these endpoints on Monday 4 July 2022. We will follow up with emails to alert you as we near that date.