Checkly changelog
Checkly changelog

New Public Dashboards & Analytics API




Day three of Checkly Launch Week! Today we highlight two recent features that are now GA

  • New Public Dashboards
  • New Analytics API

…and we're streaming the launch on YouTube!

New Public Dashboards

The new Public Dashboards come with a ton of upgrades over the previous, legacy Dashboards.

  • Incident Management to communicate status to your audience.
  • Custom CSS to match your style,
  • More metrics like p99 for response times.
  • Optimized for mobile & speedy loading.

Read all about our new Dashboards in our docs

If you are using our legacy dashboards, here is how to migrate

Analytics API

Our new Analytics API gives you access to all Check Results data, across any aggregation.

Need the p99 of the First Contentful Paint in the second step of your Playwright script over the last 30 days?

No problem.

  • Raw data or aggregations like average, p50 / p95 / p99.
  • Availability percentage over variable time ranges
  • Works for all Check types in one uniform way.

Check out this guide in our docs or directly hop to the API docs.