Checkly changelog
Checkly changelog

New Runtime 2022.10




You can now migrate your checks to our new runtime 2022.10. Highlights are:

  • @playwright/test 1.28.0, which introduces the new locator API like page.getByText() popularized by Testing Library 🎉

  • Typescript support for Playwright-based Browser checks and API Check snippets. One caveat: using this with GitHub sync is not yet supported.

  • New runtime is now on Node.js 16.x

⚠️ Note that this Runtime release removes support for Puppeteer. We urge you to migrate any Puppeteer based checks to Playwright. We wrote a blog post on how to migrate, and even wrote a small CLI tool to assist you with this.

If you are using the Private Locations, please upgrade your agent to v1.2.0 to make use of the new runtime.