Checkly changelog
Checkly changelog

Overview of bug fixes last weeks





Hope you're doing great! We are working on some larger product initiatives, but always squeeze in some bug fixes reported by our customers or discovered by our team. Here are some of the highlights from the last weeks.

Home dashboard

  • Empty groups on the home dashboard no longer show up when filtering by name, tag or any of the other filters.
  • Sometimes, the home dashboard (and the Reporting pages) didn't show any tags, or had tags missing. This is fixed!


  • Duplicating an API check in a Group created a Browser check instead. Yeah, that was silly.
  • Also, duplicating an API check could throw an error when the check had no locations selected.

Alerting & Alerting channels

  • The Webhook editor always loaded the placeholder code in the user interface, instead of the user supplied code. This is fixed. The actual webhooks did execute user supplied code BTW.

Deployment & integrations

  • We addressed a timeout issue in our queueing system that reran checks in a loop when triggered by a GitHub, Vercel or command line trigger.

Extra special thanks to our customers for helping us with reporting these!