Checkly changelog
Checkly changelog

Playwright Test General Availability




The Checkly Launch Week continues, and we are very happy to announce that support for @playwright/test has moved from open beta into general availability. Unsure of what Playwright tests enables you to do? Have a look at our blog post on the topic.

We have also improved our UI to provide better support for Playwright Test. This includes both writing and updating checks, as well as analysing check results.


👉 Check status indicator, broken down to individual test cases

👉 Better organised test artifacts: Logs, screenshots, videos etc. are available in each test case

👉 Automatic retries

👉 General TypeScript availability

👉 Templates and documentation now use Playwright Test as default

These improvements are available for all our users, on all pricing plans.

Questions on how to get started, or how to best leverage Playwright Test? Join our live session on Youtube today, and check out our docs.

We also have a Slack Community where you can collaborate with hundreds of other Checkly users.